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Development of industrial samples of next-generation low-speed generators for wind farms and small hydro-electrical power plants. The generators have significant advantages over existing solutions:

PRODUCT: An efficient and inexpensive (500-600 USD / kW of power in the series) low-speed (60-150 rev/min, efficiency of approximately 90%) slow-speed generator, designed for wind farms and mini HEPPs.


  •  implementation of a new solution for device magnetic circuit and simplification of assembly technology;
  • high power design parameters at low generator rotor speeds (torque transmission to the generator axle directly from the source (a windmill windwheel or HEPP turbine) without an intermediate speed multiplier);
  • use of a specially designed adaptive power equalizer and battery charge control.


  •  easy to assemble
  •  high reliability and efficiency
  •  the technological solution is scalable for any given power
  •  low cost for mass production   
  •  These generators can be widely used in wind and hydropower systems.       

Shortcomings of classical wind turbines (propeller type):

  •  harmful noise and vibration
  •  interference to television and communication systems
  •  inefficient and unprofitable in regions with low average annual wind speed
  •  a trouble-free operation during gusty and strong winds is impossible

replacement of propeller type wind turbines with new sailing and carousel ones. The process of replacing wind turbines is constrained by the lack of appropriate generators and energy extraction devices in the market. Conventional wind turbines use multipliers, which reduces efficiency and are expensive and unreliable in servicing the units.

The new low-speed generators can be an excellent replacement for multipliers.