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Design and manufacture of equipment for diesel fuel activation, homogenization and uniform saturation with additives based on jet cavitation. Reduction of harmful emissions to 50%, savings in fuel and additives by 3 to 10% due to better combustion. For agricultural machinery, municipal and public transport, boilers and fuel oil (furnace oil) TPPs.

We have a good experience in the operation of similar jet hydrodynamic installations at Omsk Refinery. Development of the technology and equipment for production of sustainable eco-composite motor fuels using water and organic components for city car fleets based on modified transonic jet devices (plasma cavitation).
Ultrapure combustion, reduction in harmful emissions by 10 times or more. Use of cheap raw materials and reduction in the amount of mineral additives. Unlike known schemes, jet hydrodynamic devices do not allow liquids to come in contact with working elements, thereby ensuring high product purity and work reliability.

Manufacturing, testing and certification of the installation, with capacity of 10 to 50 m3 per hour.
Development and production of cavitating jet hydrodynamic nozzles for diesel engines (ships, diesel locomotives) and ICEs (internal combustion engines).
Together with profile organizations (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, and others), developing a new fuel injection method and changing the engine fuel scheme design. Testing and certification.