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Development, testing and certification of installations for restoration of the normal biological properties of filtered water. The installations are intended for the safe improvement of drinking water in coolers and closed water supply systems.
Reduced risk of city dwellers being affected by systemic metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, allergies and other diseases due to poor quality (oxidation-reduction potential, microstructure, etc.) of drinking water. Possible production of activated water with targeted therapeutic effect.
The technology is based on structural activation and plasma cavitation treatment of drinking water to improve its biological indicators, bringing them closer to that of spring water. This technology ensures the effectiveness of redox processes associated with water in the body, determined by the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential of the water), whose optimal level is in the range of -50 to -100 mV. The physiology of water with a negative oxidation-reduction potential in determined by the ability to restore the balance of redox regulation system (in order to strengthen the body’s defenses and the functions of human vital organs, and enable the body to independently resist various kinds of diseases).
Production and certification of an experimental batch of installations (coolers) of various capacities is expected.
Relying on the long experience of the project participants (Sysin Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, etc.) in this area, there is a proposal to develop, comprehensively test and certify a range of high-tech devices with different capacities (from 1 to 100 m3 per day or more, mounted after desalination and filtration installations), which normalize the structure, oxidation-reduction potential, which eliminates the influence of pipes and suppresses microflora. Designing devices for the production of biologically active medicinal water with targeted individual effect based on bio-resonance testing is possible. Developing installations of different capacities from portable ones to those serving an apartment building and the city is possible.