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Developing a technology for the manufacture of products based on electrochromic effect (office partitions, window units, alphanumeric displays and so on) with high performance characteristics such as high-speed performance, long service life, thermal stability, and coloring uniformity.


 Electrochromism is the phenomenon of changes in the optical properties of materials (transmission and reflection coefficients) under the influence of an electric field applied.   
Unique technologies for applying multi-layered electrochromic coatings with solid, liquid and gel-like electrolyte on a large surface were designed. This thus allows to master the production of a wide range of products with innovative and consumer appeal and energy efficiency (smart house). For example, electrochromic windows, alphanumeric indicators, and car mirrors were designed.


Researches carried out led to the development of a technology for the manufacture of elements of office partitions and window units with electrochromic coating allowing to regulate light transmission.

  • light transmission in the range of 5 to 42% (80% is planned at completion)
  • not UV and IR transparent
  • operating temperature from -30°C to +80°C
  • state memory in the absence of power supply
  • complete switching time of approximately 2 seconds. Underway is a technology for solid-state coatings with a switching time of no more than 10 milliseconds.
  • operating voltage of 1.5-3.0 V
  • power consumption ~ 5 W/m2
  • tinting glass element:
  • window blinds
  • car windows and mirrors,
  • transport
  • dividing office partitions
  • foundation for creation of thin-film information display systems
  • displays
  • electronic scoreboards
  • e-books