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Laboratory of Plasma Technologies

     Low-temperature plasma is now widely used to solve not only a variety of scientific problems, but also to solve specific production problems. The most attractive aspects of its application are connected with the fact that, when compared with conventional chemical technological processes, plasma processes are potentially eco-friendly, and significantly less power-intensive. Our laboratory is developing the use of non-equilibrium cold plasma for process water treatment, conversion (cracking) of coal and oil to light hydrocarbons and gas synthesis.
     The physicochemical and technical principles of the new treatment technology consist of the use of the properties of low-temperature plasma at atmospheric pressure produced in large volumes. Low-temperature plasma generated by corona or streamer discharge has substantial density and electron energy capable of creating in the discharge gap high concentrations of active intermediate particles of atomic oxygen, ions and radicals entering into plasma chemical reactions with pollutant molecules. The reactions lead to the conversion of gaseous impurities into eco-friendly gases and aerosols.

The following research projects are currently underway or are already completed:
  • Plasmochemical water treatment against organic impurities (containing waste from vegetable oil refinement) and other pollutants;
  • Electropulse conversion of coal waste in the form of coal-water slurry into an “artificial oil” and synthesis gas;
  • Development of cold plasmochemical cracking of oil