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Laboratory of Autonomous Control Systems


      The laboratory’s main activity consists of studying the possibilities of building a new type of adaptive control systems that have properties inherent in biological nervous systems –adaptability, that is, the ability to learn directly in a control process, multicriteriality, and multidimensionality. The author called this approach an autonomous adaptive control (AAC) method.
      Autonomous adaptive control methodology can easily be integrated with other control system construction technologies such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic-based systems, genetic algorithms, deterministic chaotic processes, and some others. Adaptive control systems for engineering facilities and complex systems (including information systems) are developed using the AAC method. 

The following research projects are currently underway or are already completed:
  • Development of adaptive control algorithms for intelligent metering systems as exemplified in micro-mechanical devices such as accelerometers and gyroscopes
  • Development of adaptive control algorithms for stabilization of an all-purpose hovercraft
  • Decision support system based on adaptive algorithms for disordered knowledge bases. Federal think tanks are the project owner.
  • Creation of effective intelligent prosthetic limbs for disabled people
  • Development and production of effective adaptive control systems for mobile robots, vehicles (for example, unmanned aerial vehicles), adaptive sensors, recognition systems and other devices
  • Development of a new class of self-learning controllers for process control systems