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About the company

  Research and innovation company Intellect was established in 2007. Its mission was to implement applied R&D and innovation projects.
    The company’s team consists of researchers (Ph.D. holders and doctors) and high-level engineers. The company has established business ties with a number of leading universities in Moscow such as the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. Intellect involves students and postgraduates in a number of projects. The innovation company has been successfully cooperating with development teams from different cities in Russia. It specializes in interdisciplinary research activities, involving various specialized research teams. The company’s field of activity consists of R&D activities – search and provision of support for advanced technologies and innovative solutions, creation of theoretical models, and industrial engineering.
      The company’s research and laboratory facilities are located at the industrial park Slava.