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Development, testing and certification of installations for restoration of the normal biological properties of filtered water. The installations are intended for the safe improvement of drinking water in coolers and closed water supply systems.
Reduced risk of city dwellers being affected by systemic metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, allergies and other diseases due to poor quality (oxidation-reduction potential, microstructure, etc.) of drinking water. Possible production of activated water with targeted therapeutic effect.
The water purification method is based on pulse technology and can be used for water treatment by electrical impulses or corona torch discharges for the purpose of cleaning and disinfection. As a result, you get cleaner water with less energy consumption, and the area of application of the technology for purification of water contain more impurities is expanding. The technology was developed jointly with TRINITY (Troitsk, Moscow region) on barometric water samples contaminated after sunflower oil refinement. The necessary technical process purification level was achieved.

Design and manufacture of equipment for diesel fuel activation, homogenization and uniform saturation with additives based on jet cavitation. Reduction of harmful emissions to 50%, savings in fuel and additives by 3 to 10% due to better combustion. For agricultural machinery, municipal and public transport, boilers and fuel oil (furnace oil) TPPs.

We have a good experience in the operation of similar jet hydrodynamic installations at Omsk Refinery. Development of the technology and equipment for production of sustainable eco-composite motor fuels using water and organic components for city car fleets based on modified transonic jet devices (plasma cavitation).


Development of industrial samples of next-generation low-speed generators for wind farms and small hydro-electrical power plants. The generators have significant advantages over existing solutions:

PRODUCT: An efficient and inexpensive (500-600 USD / kW of power in the series) low-speed (60-150 rev/min, efficiency of approximately 90%) slow-speed generator, designed for wind farms and mini HEPPs.

  •  “Development of adaptive control algorithms for intelligent metering systems as exemplified in micro-mechanical devices such as accelerometers and gyroscopes”
  •  “Development of adaptive control algorithms for stabilization of an all-purpose hovercraft”
  •  “Decision support system based on adaptive algorithms for disordered knowledge bases”. Federal think tanks are the project owner.
  •  “Creation of effective intelligent prosthetic limbs for disabled people”
  •  “Development and production of effective adaptive control systems for mobile robots, vehicles (for example, unmanned aerial vehicles), adaptive sensors, recognition systems and other devices”
  •  “Development of a new class of self-learning controllers for process control systems”
Creation of equipment and technology for low-cost deep conversion of sawdust into mono sugars and further into biobutanol and protein-vitamin supplements to feed cattle
Production of biobutanol from cellulosic recycled agricultural waste and forest waste

Developing a technology for the manufacture of products based on electrochromic effect (office partitions, window units, alphanumeric displays and so on) with high performance characteristics such as high-speed performance, long service life, thermal stability, and coloring uniformity.